Joseph Forrester senior

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  1. Resident slave-owner in Jamaica dying between 1820 and 1821. Owner of Come See estate in St George, which he bequeathed to his reputed children William, Joseph, Robert, George, Mary, Jean Moor, John Henry with "free mulatto" Jean Forrester (possibly nee Moor). His two eldest sons were also his executors.

  2. George (born 01/03/1805 at Pleasing Prospect), Robert (born 09/05/1808) and Mary (born 07/03/1809), "quadroon" children of Jane Forrester, "a free woman of colour", all baptised at St George, 04/02/1812. John Henry Forrister, "a free quadroon boy", baptised in St George, 22/03/1818.


  1. Will of Joseph Forrester, LBS Will Vol. 100, fol. 4.

  2., Jamaica Church of England Parish Register Transcripts, 1664-1880 [database online].

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Further Information

[reputed, with Jean Forrester] William, Joseph, Robert, George, Mary, Jean Moor, John Henry

Will of Joseph Forrester, LBS Will Vol. 100, fol. 4 - precis.

Joseph Forrester of the parish of St George, Jamaica, planter.

My plantation or mountain settlement in St George, Jamaica, called Come See and also all my slaves and stock and all my real and personal estate to my reputed natural quadroon children by Jean Forrester a free mulatto woman, vizt. William Forrester, Joseph Forrester, Robert Forrester, George Forrester, Mary Forrester, Jean Moor Forrester, John Henry Forrester and to whatever may be born from this date for me by Jean Forrester to hold together as joint tenants and their heirs or assigns forever. When the youngest child becomes of the age of 16 years the property to be equally divided amongst them. Executors to be William Forrester and Joseph Forrester, my reputed quadroon children; they also to be guardians for their youngest brothers and sisters.

Signed 29/06/1819.

Sworn in Jamaica 25/08/1821.

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