Robert William Sutherland

???? - 1829


Resident slave-owner in Jamaica. From 1815-1819, Robert William Sutherland (c. 1774-1829), a planter, held up to 60 slaves and 30 head of taxable stock at Tranquility, St George, Jamaica, as “lessee under the Representatives of John Willis an absentee”. He had married Jane, née Jackson (1770-1823) in Kingston on 3 August 1797, but apparently produced no children. Following following the death in St. George of her parents (Samuel and Elizabeth Jackson) Jane Sutherland apparently moved to St. Andrew, where from 1821-22, she registered up to 20 enslaved persons who were held in trust for various family members. Upon Jane’s death in 1823, these slaves passed to her husband under the terms of her will, which also mentions her sisters Elizabeth Dallas and Rachel Smith, and her cousin Elizabeth Ann French. Jane also instructed her executors that “Amelia Jane Jackson (q.v.) a quadroon child should receive a good education”. Following Robert William Sutherland’s death c. 1829, Amelia Jane, now known as Sutherland, inherited 3 male and 7 female slaves under the terms of his will.


For dates for Robert William Sutherland, see Jamaica Church of England Transcripts, All Parishes, Burials 1826-1836, Vol. 1, fol. 341; For life-dates for Mrs Jane Sutherland nee Jackson, see Jamaica Church of England Transcripts. Kingston. Baptisms 1722-1792, Vol. 1, fol. 212; St Andrew’s. Baptisms, marriages, burials 1807-1826, Vol. 2, fol. 171; Slave Registers, St. George, 1817; Robert William Sutherland also served there as Assistant Judge and Magistrate, and Captain of the St. George Regiment, see Jamaica Almanack. Givings-in for St. George, 1815-1829; Jamaica Almanack. Jamaica Lists; Jamaica Militia; Jamaica Church of England Transcripts. Kingston. Marriages 1721-1825, Vol. 1, fol. 156; Slave Registers. St Andrew 1820, fol. 111; Jamaica Almanack. Givings-in for St. Andrew, 1821-22; Slave Registers. St. Andrew, 1823; Jamaica Registrar's Office, Spanish Town, will #105, page 191 (1824-25).

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1815 [EA] - 1819 [LA] → Lessee
1823 [EA] - → Owner
1830 [EA] - 1832 [LA] → Previous owner
1817 [EA] - → Owner

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Amelia Jane Sutherland appears to have been the protegee of Robert William Sutherland's wife, Jane nee...
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