James Russell Stapleton

1699 - 1743


Younger son of Sir William Stapleton 3rd bart. and Lady Stapleton (nee Frances Russell, daughter of Sir James Russell), and grandfather of Stapleton Cotton, Barbara Yonge (both of whom q.v.) and Penelope Shipley nee Yonge, wife of Rev. William Davies Shipley (q.v.). In 1701 his mother Lady Stapleton (d. 1746) settled Russell's Rest and the River estates on Nevis on James Russell Stapleton and his heirs: she later remarried, to General Walter Hamilton (d. 1722).

  1. Will of James Russell Stapleton proved 03/10/1743. Under the will he left his property equal to his five daughters at 21, failing whom to his brother Sir William Stapleton subject to £1500 to Sir William Stapleton's children.


Bangor University, Stapleton-Cotton Manuscripts GB 0222 STAP, http://www.archiveswales.org.uk/anw/get_collection.php?inst_id=39&coll_id=10986&expand= [accessed 13/05/2016].

  1. PROB 11/729/164

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Penelope Conway

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1701 [SY] - 1743 [EY] → Tenant-in-tail or Remainderman

The estate was settled on the infant James Russell Stapleton in 1701 by his mother Lady Stapleton (nee Frances Russell), whom he predeceased.

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Rev. William Davis Shipley married Penelope Yonge, the grand-daughter of James Russell Stapleton and daughter of Stapleton's daughter, also Penelope, and her husband Ellis...
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