Juliana Wisdom Pitter (née James)

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  1. Juliana Wisdom James was the daughter of William Rhodes James II and sister to both William Rhodes James III and of Mary Rhodes James. She married James Hungerford Morgan in 1782. After his death, she she married William Pitter in 1793. Their son was Thomas Pitter.
  2. In 1817 and 1820, Juliana Pitter re-emerges in the records as an enslaver. The Slave Registers for Manchester parish in 1817 name Julia W Pitter as owner of 35 enslaved (registered by Thomas Pitter as her attorney) and Julia Wisdom Pitter as owner of 8 enslaved (also registered by Thomas Pitter as her attorney). Then in 1820 Juliana Wisdom Pitter registered 26 enslaved as owner, noting that 35 enslaved had been registered at the previous registration. It is very likely that all three entries refer to the same person.

We are grateful to David Barker for assistance in compiling this entry.


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  2. Slave Register 1817, Manchester parish, Jamaica, Slave Registers of former British Colonial Dependencies, 1813-1834. Available via Ancestry.com.

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