Patrick Duncan senior

???? - 1791


  1. Patrick Duncan, a "quadroon" aged about 5, reputed son of Patrick Duncan, was baptised in St John on 30/09/1772. At the same time were baptised Sarah Gray, a "mulatto" aged about 23, and her sister Mary Gray, aged about 12, reputed daughters of Thomas Gray.

  2. By Act of the Jamaican Assembly 16/12/1783, Patrick Duncan, Edmund Duncan and Sarah Duncan, reputed children of Patrick Duncan, planter, by Sarah Gray, a "free mulatto" woman, were to have the same rights and privileges as if English-born, and by a related Act Patrick Duncan was granted exemption from legislation limiting the benefits which could be granted by will to non-whites.

  3. Patrick Duncan was buried in St Ann, Jamaica, 22/10/1791.

  4. On 26/1/1810 William Duncan, a "free quadroon", reputed son of Patrick Duncan, planter, of St Ann, deceased, by Sarah Gray, a free mulatto woman, was granted the same rights as privileges as if English-born. Presumably he had been born after 1783.

  5. The estate of Patrick Duncan was owner of 30 enslaved people and 217 stock in St Ann, Jamaica, in 1792. Shown as deceased previous owner of Blackheath in St Ann 1794-1801.


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