Samuel Heming of St Catherine

???? - 1773


Probably but not certainly the son of Richard Heming (q.v.) and grandson of Samuel Heming of St Ann (q.v.).

  1. Will of Samuel or Samul Heming of St Catherine Jamaica [made in 1773, apparently close to his death] was proved 25/06/1781. In the will he said that his affairs were too unsettled to make provision for his wife Elizabeth Amelia Heming or to make an equal division among his children 'so as to fix and settle an adequate provision on each', chiefly due to a trust for a term of years on his sugar works in the parish of St Ann called Saville [sic], so that instead he left his property in trust counting on his executors to provide for his three sons Richard Samuel Edward Heming; Samuel Scudamore Heming; and George Francis Heming.


There remains a lack of clarity about the Heming family, in particular the identity of the Samuel Heming of Malvern Park and Mammees Bay. Malvern Park Pen in St Ann in 1779 belonged to 'the estate of Samuel Heming Esq.' under the direction of Thomas Wynn who had intermarried with Mary Heming administratrix of Samuel Heming. A similar pattern for Mammee Bay shows that estate as owned as early as 1761 by the 'estate of Samuel Heming' and identifies Mary Heming as widow of Samuel Heming. This Samuel Heming of Malvern Park and Mammees Bay has yet to be identified with confidence. None of two known possibilities appears to fit: Samuel Heming of St Ann (will proved 1724, whose wife was Elizabeth), or Samuel Heming of St Catherine (will proved 1781 but made in 1773). Samuel Heming of St Ann is known to have had a younger son Samuel born c. 1718, and his elder son Richard is known also to have had a son Samuel Heming. One of these two sons named Samuel is likely to be Samuel Heming of St Catherine: most family genealogies show Samuel Heming of St Catherine as the son of Richard Heming, although some show him as the son of Samuel Heming of St Ann. The most logical explanation is that the Samuel Heming of Malvern Park was the son of Samuel Heming of St Ann and brother of Richard Heming, and died sometime between 1755 and 1761, leaving his widow Mary: Thomas Wynn had married Mary Heming widow in London in 1763 (Richard Heming's will proved 03/11/1755 is silent on his wife and appoints guardian for his children, implying that his wife was dead).

  1. PROB 11/1079/250

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Elizabeth Amelia
Richard Samuel Edward; Samuel Scudmaore; George Francis

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In his will made in 1773 Samuel Heming (q.v.) made reference to the trust under which a further term of years was yet to run on his estate in St Ann called Saville [sic].

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Probably grandfather/grandson, but conceivably father and son. ...
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Probably father and son, although this remains...