Mrs Mary Ruthven (née Virgo)

???? - 1825


Slave-owner in Trelawny, Jamaica. Enslaved people were registered on her behalf by David Richards (as attorney, 1817) and by Rebecca Crouch Gallimore Virgo (as agent in 1820-1829 and as executrix in 1832). Probably the Mary Virgo, daughter of James Virgo and his wife Rebecca, who was baptised in St James, Jamaica, 02/12/1776.

Married Dugald Malcolm Ruthven in Trelawny 16/07/1796. Four children baptised in Trelawny: James Virgo Ruthven (1800), Anna Rebecca Ruthven (1809), Mary Bell Ruthven (1812) and George Robert Ruthven (1815). Dugald Malcolm Ruthven was buried in Trelawny 04/12/1814.

By the time she wrote her will in 1824 she described herself as late of Great Coram Street, Russell Square, but now residing at Brightholmston in Sussex. Mary Ruthven was buried in Brighton, Sussex, 21/12/1825. Her will mentioned money owed to her from Belmont estate in Trelawny (including money for 'Negro labour') and left her estate to her four children equally.

Her children appear to have returned to Jamaica or at least kept close ties with the place. James Virgo Ruthven, planter, became a Freemason of Atholl Lodge in Lucea Bay, Jamaica, 07/08/1824 at the age of 25 and is recorded as arriving in Jamaica again in 1830. Anna Rebecca married Samuel Anderson and had three children baptised in St James, Jamaica, between 1829 and 1836. She had moved to Brighton by the time her husband died in 1864; Anna Rebecca herself died in Brighton in 1888. Mary Bell married Envidale Savage Normal Campbell in Trelawny in 1832 and had moved to Australia by 1851. She died there in 1897. George Robert has not been traced further.


See estate evolutions for JA17581. Familysearch batch nos. I03814-1, I03814-2 and I04099-9.

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Further Information

Maiden Name
Dugald Malcolm Ruthven
James Virgo, Anna Rebecca, Mary Bell, George Robert

PROB 11/1756/112 - precis.

Mary Ruthven late of Great Coram Street, Russell Square, Middlesex, but now residing at Brightholmston in Sussex, widow.

To my two daughters Anna Rebecca Ruthven and Mary Bell Ruthven in equal proportions whatever sum of money may be due to me at the time of my decease for negro labour on Belmont Estate in Trelawny, Jamaica, now in the possession of my other Mrs Rebecca Virgo and also whatever sum of money may be due to me from Belmont Estate aforesaid by way of annual allowance up to the time of my decease. Also to them whatever sums of money may be due to me from Messrs. P. J. Miles and Kingston, merchants of Bristol.

To Anna Rebecca Ruthven my gold repeater watch chain and seals. To Mary Bell Ruthven my chased gold watch chain and seals.

To my son George Robert Ruthven my silver watch. To Anna Rebecca Ruthven my silver fish and stand. To Mary Bell Ruthven my silver cross and pye dish and [?]. To my friend Miss E. Norton of Cliff House in Brighthelmston 5 guineas for mourning.

To my son James VIrgo Ruthven (now or late residing in Hanover, Jamaica), my friends Neil Malcolm (of Hanover Square, Middlesex), Robert Hawthorn (of Gower Street, Bedford Square), and John Malcolm (of Argyll Estate in Hanover, Jamaica) all my freehold and leasehold estate and all other real estate in Jamaica and Great Britain, all my Negro and other slaves, money, and all residue and remainder of my personal estate in trust for the purposes hereinafter mentioned. To sell my real and personal estate at a time most beneficial for my children during their minority or when they reach the age of 21 years and to lay out the proceeds in parliamentary stocks or public funds in Britian and to divide all trust monies equally between my four children when they attain the age of 21 years. The interest to pay towards their maintenance, education and support during their minorities.

My son James Virgo Ruthven, Neil Malcolm, Robert Hawthorn and John Malcolm to be executors and guardians of my children during their minorities.

Signed 23/08/1824.

Proved in London 15/05/1829.

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1817 [EA] - 1825 [EY] → Owner

Relationships (8)

Legatee → Testator
Notes →
With her husband Dugald Malcolm Ruthven, Mary Ruthven was a contingent legatee of Robert Bell....
Mother → Son
Mother → Son
Mother → Daughter
Mother → Daughter
Mother-in-law → Son-in-law
Testator → Executor
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Mary Ruthven nee Virgo was probably the daughter of her executrix Rebecca Crouch Gallimore...
Widow → Deceased Husband

Addresses (2)

Brighton, Sussex, South-east England, England
Great Coram Street (now Coram Street), London, Middlesex, London, England
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After her husband's death in Jamaica in 1814; before she wrote her will in 1824.