Margery Tulloch (née Simpson)

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Daughter of John Simpson of Bounty Hall and his wife Elizabeth nee Lawrence. Bequeathed an annuity of £600 secured on Bounty Hall in the will of her mother (proved 1828). Bounty Hall was to go to Margery's brother John Simpson of Fairlawn for life and thereafter to Margery's children. The estate was the subject of the Chancery case Tulloch v. Simpson.

  1. The will of Margery Tulloch of Aix La Chapelle in the kingdom of Prussia [made in 1843] was proved 26/06/1857. In the will she rehearsed that under her marriage settlement with Francis Tulloch of 1794 she was entitled to leave £3000, which she did, between her two daughters Theresa Tulloch and Baroness Agnes Sophia van der Lund [sp?] in the ratio 2:1, with her residual estate to her son Thomas Tulloch [who died in 1866 at Clarges Street, a colonel in the Army, leaving £25,000].

  2. Francis Tulloch's daughters appear to have included not only Theresa and Agnes Sophia, but also Rosa or Rosamond Whitmore; Ann, Countess of Tocqueville; Elizabeth, Marchioness de Stacpoole; and Mary. In a polemical memoir published in 1827 as the second edition, the first having been burnt, Rosamond Whitmore alleged that her sister Ann, then Ann Tulloch, had come into more than £100,000 from a lawsuit, presumably Tulloch v Simpson; she also described one of her sisters as the Marchioness de Stacpoole, and says that her father Francis Tulloch was in receipt of a pension of £600 p.a. from her maternal grandmother [Elizabeth Simpson of Portland Place].


The Law Journal Reports for the Year 1840... Vol. 18 p. 145.

  1. PROB 11/2254/100; National Probate Calendar 1866.

  2. Memoir of a Lady, the daughter of Major Francis Tulloch and sister to the Marchioness of Stacpoole and Miss Ann Tulloch, now Countess of Tocqueville containing a recital of unmerited sufferings from the year 1819 to the present time, written by herself (Paris, 1827). The will makes no reference to the source of the alleged wealth.

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Francis Tulloch

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