William Read

???? - 1834


Mortgagee of 'slave-property' in Jamaica.

  1. Will of William Read of Brunswick Square in the South Hamlet near Gloucester proved 19/12/1834. William Read's daughter Martha had married Leonard Wray in Stonehouse, Gloucester, 23/10/1800. They had a daughter, Mary, baptised in Nursling, Hampshire, 08/11/1801. At the time of Read's death he had foreclosed on the two mortgages amounting to £12,000 he had given to Leonard Wray. He left the estates to his grand-daughter Mary Wray subject to a £5000 payment to his daughter Elizabeth Read (q.v.).


PROB 11/1840/264.

Familysearch.org batch nos. M03631-1 and C13668-1.

Further Information

Elizabeth, Mary

PROB 11/1840 - precis.

William Read of Brunswick Square in the South Hamlet near the city of Gloucester. Date 26/04/1834.

To my daughter Elizabeth Read all my real and personal estate in Gloucestershire or elsewhere in Britain.

Whereas I am entitled as mortgagee in possession of certain plantations in Jamaica called Penn Hill and Richmond Vale for servicing payment of £10,470 19s 8d and £1,529 4d with interest at 6 per cent and a decree of foreclosure was made in the High Court of Chancery 31/01/1833; my granddaughter Mary Wray and my daughter Martha Wray and others are defendants, now I bequeath £5,000 of this money together with interest to my said daughter Elizabeth Read. All rest and residue of this mortgage I leave to my granddaughter Mary Wray. To avoid all question as to the effect of the decree of foreclosure in respect of the said plantations I give these plantations to my granddaughter Mary Wray, subject nevertheless to the payment of £5,000 to my daughter Elizabeth.

My daughter Elizabeth to be sole executrix.

Proved in London 19/12/1834 by Elizabeth Read.

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1833 [SY] - 1834 [EY] → Mortgagee-in-Possession

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Brunswick Square, South Hamlet, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, South-west England, England