Frederick Richard Coore

1782 - 1823


Frederick Richard Coore, son of John and Alice Coore, was baptised at All Hallows, London Wall, 20/05/1782. His mother Anne nee Lechmere died in 1796 and his father died in 1805. He is recorded in the fourth form at Eton in 1796: 'Entered at the Temple, but practised as a Solicitor, and d. 1823'. He married Isabella Blagrove, daughter of John Blagrove and Anne nee Shakespear, 17/09/1807. Recorded at Great Winchester Street, London, 1813-1815.

According to the slave register entry for Pembroke Estate in Trelawny, Jamaica, 261 enslaved people were "Disposed to Frederick Richard Coore Esquire the present Owner of Pembroke Estate on the first day of January One thousand Eight Hundred and Eighteen". The previous owner had been his father-in-law John Blagrove. Under his own will proved 05/03/1823 Frederick Richard Coore had left Pembroke to his son Frederick Coore at 25 subject to an annuity of £700 p.a. to his [Frederick Richard Coore's] wife and the accumulation of £20,000 for his [the testator's] daughters at 21 or at marriage.

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Slave registers for Trelawny, Jamaica, 1820: T71/231 [unpaginated].

Further Information

Isabella Blagrove
Frederick, Henry John, Richard John Lechmere, Isabella Frederica, Laura Sophia, Mary Ann, Lucy Elizabeth, Georgiana, Anne Augusta, Harriet

PROB 11/1667/249 - precis.

Frederick Richard Coore of Devonshire Place, Middlesex, Esquire.

To my dearly beloved wife Isabella £500 to support herself until her regular income shall become in due course of payment. Also to her free use and enjoyment of my house in Devonshire Place, my plate, linen, furniture, horses and carriages for her lifetime. At her death the house and contents to my daughters equally, the horses and carriages to my son Frederick.

My freehold house in Somersham in the county of Huntingdon to my executors on trust to sell. [This part is scored out?] Also to my trustees and executors the policy on my life at the Equitable office upon trust to receive the monies. The proceeds of my house in Somersham and my life policy to discharge the debt of £6,000 due to the trustees of my marriage settlement and the bond of Mr Blagrove. The interests of this sum is due to my wife under the terms of her marriage settlement for life and thereafter the principal to be divided amongst our children.

The rents of my copyhold estate at Hampsted to be received by my trustees and to be paid to my wife for her lifetime and thereafter my brother to sell the same and apply the money to my daughters equally.

The rent of my leasehold house in Montague Street, Russell Square to my wife for life and thereafter it to be sold and the money to my daughters equally.

From the residue of my personal estate in Great Britain, my executors to pay all my just debts and funeral expenses. Any surplus to be invested in securities, the interest to my wife for life and thereafter the principal to be shared equally by my daughters.

My freehold estate in Jamaica called Pembroke to my executors upon trust to manage the same and out of the profits to pay my wife an annual sum of £700 sterling for life as long as she remains my widow. Out of the same to pay to my wife or their guardians £100 a year each for the education and maintenance of my daughters. Then to pay a sum not exceeding £200 per annum for the maintenance and education of my son Frederick until the sum hereinafter to be raised shall be realised. Subject to the above mentioned charges, the rents and profits to be accumulated until the sum of £20,000 is realised, for my daughters equally at age 21 or marriage. When this sum is realised and my son Frederick attains the age of 25, to convey the estate to him.

My wife and brother to be guardians of my children.

My father-in-law John Blagrove, my brother Lieut. Col. Coore and my friend Thomas Fitzgerald of Lincolns Inn to be trustees and executors.

Signed 19/03/1818.

Codicil dated 05/08/1821. My son Henry to be in all respects considered and to equally participate in the provision made and declared to be divisible among my daughters in like manner as if he were a daughter.

Sworn by Foster Lechmere Coore of Hawsavell Hall in the North Riding, brother and executor and by the witnesses. Proved in London 05/03/1823 by John Blagrove and Foster Lechmere Coore.

Eton College [1796 ]

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1823 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Previous owner
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1823 [EA] - → Other

Purchased these enslaved people. It's not clear whether he also purchased the land.

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Somersham, Cambridgeshire, East Anglia, England
Devonshire Place, London, Middlesex, London, England
Great Winchester Street, London, Middlesex, London, England