William Walker of Kelton

1760 - 27th Oct 1820


William Walker died 27th October 1820 at the age of 60.

Will of William Walker [sometime of St Thomas-in-the-East in Jamaica but now of Kelton Mains in the parish and county of] Dumfries [made in April 1820] proved 21/05/1821. In his will, William Walker identified himself as formerly of St Thomas-in-the East Jamaica. He was possibly the William Walker who owned Mount Champneys and Hermitage, the former until the 1822 Jamaica Almanac and the latter until c. 1816 when the estate appears to have been broken down and the land and enslaved people sold separately. The will deals only with property in Scotland although John Biggar (q.v.) was one of the executors.

His great-nephew was Colonel Walker of Crawfordton (former MP for Dumfriesshire).

We are grateful to Steven Carter for his assistance in compiling this entry.


William M'Dowall, Memorials of St. Michael's, the old parish churchyard of Dumfries.

PROB 11/1644/65.

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1802 [EA] - 1804 [LA] → Attorney

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1815 [EA] - → Not known
1810 [EA] - 01/01/1819 [ED] → Owner

Tentative link only to date between William Walker of Kelton and the William Walker who owned Mount Champneys.

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John Macourtie added William Walker to his executors in...
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Probably brothers. James Walker 'of Crawford Town' was identified as the brother of William Walker and John Walker merchant of London as the nephew of William Walker in the latter's will, which was...