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Slave-owner on St Vincent, owner of the Mount Pleasant estate in Bequia, and dying between 1830 and 1834. Peter Audain was the son of Susannah Warner of St Kitts (born 24/11/1748) and John George Audain, also of St Kitts. Susannah Audain was previously married to [?] Cuvillie of St Kitts.

Susannah Warner was the daughter of Charles Warner of St. Kitts, later of Bequia, and sister of Charles John Warner, later also of Bequia.

Charles Warner was the original owner of the Mt. Pleasant estate, started circa 1770.

His three daughters - Susannah (Audain), Elizabeth (Herries) and Rebecca (Arindell- wife of Thomas Arrindell of Statia) were all beneficiaries of his will, as was his son Charles John Warner, whose sons Charles John and Thomas Hodge inherited CJW's half share in the Spring estate in Bequia, and the Friendship Estate.


Email from Nicola Redway 07/06/2017 sourced to St Kitts BMD records, St Vincent registry deeds and the will of Charles Warner (from the St Vincent registry).

We are grateful to Nicola Redway for providing this information.

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