James Lyon of Dangstein

???? - 1854


Son of David Lyon senior (q.v.) and brother of David Lyon junior (q.v). He was not a slave-owner but was a beneficiary of slave-wealth, inheriting £100,000 from his father in 1827. The Rookwood estate in Ireland came to him through his marriage to Frances Harriett or Harriett Thewles, daughter of Major-Gen. Thewles of Rookwood.

  1. The will of James Lyon of Dangstein near Petersfield in the county of Sussex [made in 1845] was proved 01/12/1854. He began his own will by reciting his father's will, under which James and his brothers John and William were each left £100,000 in trust, with the freedom to will £1000 p.a. to their wives, which James duly did for his wife Frances Harriet. He disposed of £99,000 (his inheritance of £100,000 less £1,000 in legacy duty) by willing £32,000 to his son Edmond David Lyon; £25,000 to his son Carisbrooke James Lyon; £20,000 to his youngest son John Tollemache Lyon; £12,000 to his daughter Mary Agnes Lyon; and £10,000 to Isabella Georgiana Lyon. He left Rookwood in Ireland and Dangstein to his wife for life then to his son Edward David and his heirs with contingent remainder to his other sons in turn. In a codicil he changed the bequest of the £99,000, to secure the £1000 p.a. to his wife and then £18,000 each to his three daughters Mary, Isabella and Eleanor, and £10,000 to Carisbrooke James Lyon, and the residue to Edmond David Lyon.


Gentleman's Magazine, Vol. 97 Pt 2 Oct 1827 pp. 364-365.

  1. PROB 11/2202/8.

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Frances Harriet Thewles
Mary Agnes; Isabella Georgiana; Eleanor; Edmond David; Carisbrooke James; John Tollemache

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Imperial (1)

Australia: Victoria 
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James Lyon's son given in his will as Carisbrooke James Lyon but in other records as James Carisbrooke Lyon, died in 1880 at Blythevale, near Streatham Victoria. In the 1871 census he had been in...
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National Probate Calendar 1919; 1871 census...

Physical (1)

Country house
Dangstein [Built] 
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Dangstein, a country house in West Sussex built by Charles Knowles for James Lyon after Lyon bought the estate in 1837. The house was left to the National Trust but sold on and is now in private...

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Son → Father
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Dangstein, Rogate, Sussex, South-east England, England