William Green

???? - 1812


'Of Trelawny'. First husband of Ann Rose Hall (his wife married for a second time in 1820). Their daughter Elizabeth married in 1831 Leicester Stanhope, later 5th Earl of Harrington.

  1. Will of William Green of Trelawny proved 07/01/1813. Unfortunately the first two pages of the will are extremely difficult to read (although the name of Alexander Edgar is discernible on the first page). Notes appended to it as a draft appear to summarise the main points, which included the provision of £10,000 for the child with whom his wife was then pregnant, and instructions to his executors to take up the £27,000 mortgage on Dromilly [apparently owned by his mother-in-law Elizabeth Bromley Hall] agreed with John Wedderburn. In a note to the will, Ann Rose Green, by then in London, tabled the two 'testamentary papers' of her dead husband, whose death-date she gave as Feb. 1812.

  2. William Green was shown in the will of Alexander Edgar of Wedderly and Stockbridge (q.v.) as the purchaser of Wedderly in exchange for bonds on which there remained a substantial balance outstanding. The debt was the subject of a Chancery action in Jamaica. In 1823 a decree was made in this action ordering Ann Rose Wood (late Green), William Harris, Elizabeth William Green and John Cross Rose to pay £8,580 8s 6d (Jamaican currency) to the estate of Alexander Edgar deceased on account of the third, fourth and fifth bonds executed by William Green in favour of Edgar, and in 1824 the Court ordered that, failing payment of such sum within the time limited therefor, there should be sold the residue of the term of 500 years in the Wedderly plantation (including slaves and premises) created by a four-part indenture of 11/11/1811. Ann Rose Green and William Fairclough were named as administrators of the late William Green’s estate when they, together with Elizabeth Bromley Hall, were defendants in another Chancery action in which a money judgment was obtained against them by one Wedderburn, 1818, it being ordered that if payment of the judgment sum was not duly made then there should be sold mortgaged terms of 500 and 1000 year s (created under a five-part indenture of 13/12/1802) in the plantation or sugar-work of Dromilly in Trelawny and the slaves and stock thereon. Ann Rose Green and William Fairclough (q.v.) were the original executors of William Green and had, in 1817, failed to make make payment of sums due to one Burke and others from Green’s estate.

  3. William Green esq was buried on the Dromilly estate on 4/2/1812, aged 48.

  4. His daughter (by his wife Ann Rose Green, late Hall), Elizabeth William Green, was born on the Good Hope estate 29/12/1811 and baptised at Dromilly 8/5/1812.


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1817 [EA] - → Previous owner

In the will of Alexander Edgar made in 1819 he detailed the sale [at an unspecified date] of Wedderly to the late William Green in exchange for bonds issued by Green of which a majority remained unpaid. The name of Alexander Edgar is discernible on the otherwise illegible first page of William Green's will.

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