John Dawes

???? - 1783


  1. Will of John Dawes of [Berkeley Street] St George Hanover Square proved 19/11/1783. Under the will he left to his nephew William Dawes Quarrell in satisfaction of the latter's claims on his estate a half share in a mortgage of £5832 2s from William Gale and Richard James Lawrence, while he left to another nephew James Sholto Douglas £600 and the latter's father's bond to John Dawes of £228; he also left £1000 to each of two further nephews John Graham Douglas and Stair Douglas. He left his household effects and an annuity of £140 p.a. charged on his Jamaica estates to Ann Browning spinster then residing with him. He freed an enslaved man named Bacchus 'otherwise John Wallis' and left him an annuity of £20 p.a. He left his estates in Jamaica in trust to his nephews William Dawes Quarrell and James Sholto Douglas until his natural son James William Dawes, about 16 years old 'born of the body of Agnes Valentine deceased' 'and now at Crawfords School Newington Butts' was 21, to take the proceeds to educate him 'in a liberal and genteel manner' and to have the estates at his majority. If he died, they went to John Dawes' five nephews (William Dawes Quarrell; John Graham Douglas, Stair Douglas and James Sholto Douglas; and James Dawes the younger, who must have been the son of James Dawes of Rock Spring II).


  1. PROB 11/1110/269

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Father → Natural Son
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James William Dawes, then aged about 16, was identified in the will of John Dawes, made and proved in 1783, as his natural son and...
Uncle → Nephew
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William Dawes Quarrell was also trustee of his uncle's...
Uncle → Nephew
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James Sholto Douglas was also trustee under his uncle's...
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Berkeley Street, Hanover Square, London, Middlesex, London, England