John Vassall I

7th Sep 1713 - 27th Nov 1747


Owner of Newfound estate in Hanover Jamaica at least until 1743, dead by 1755. Probably Col. John Vassall (1713-1747).

  1. Son of Leonard Vassall (1678-1737) and his wife Elizabeth nee Gale. Leonard Vassall stated in his will, "Item whereas there was a certain agreement between my Hond. mother Anna Vassall deced. and myself that so much of her estate that she should be pleased to give unto Me at her decease should instead thereof be given by her unto my beloved son John; and whereas I have by one certain Deed, by me duly executed, made a further provision of my sd son and his Heirs, I do therefore, in consideration thereof, hereby only give and devise unto my said son John the sum of five shilliings."

  2. "John Vassall (Colonel), born in Jamaica, Sept. 7, 1713. H.C. 1732, was twice m; first to Elizabeth, daughter of Lieut. gov. Spencer Phips, at Boston, Oct. 10, 1734, by whom he had three children; she died Sept. 22, 1739, aged 23, and was bur. at Cambridge, Sept. 25; secondly to Lucy, only dau. of Jonathan Barran, of Chelmsford, by whom he had one dau.; he died at Cambridge, Nov. 27, 1747, and was bur. Dec. 2... Col. Vassall was representative from Cambridge to the legislature in 1740 and 1747..."

  3. John Vassall of Massaschusetts, Esquire. Estate probated in Jamaica in 1748. Slave-ownership at probate: 1,167 of whom 584 were listed as male and 583 as female. 270 were listed as boys, girls or children. Total value of estate at probate: £74,322.5 Jamaican currency of which £49,709.25 currency was the value of enslaved people. Estate valuation included £0 currency cash, £2,329 currency debts and £6 currency plate.


  1. Charles Maclear Calder, John Vassall and his descendants (1921) pp. 13-14.

  2. Charles Maclear Calder, John Vassall and his descendants (1921) pp. 16-17.

  3. Trevor Burnard, Database of Jamaican inventories, 1674-1784.

Further Information

[1] Elizabeth Phips [2] Lucy Barran
[With 1] Ruth, John, Elizabeth; [with 2] Lucy

"His will, registered at Middlesex, was made Nov. 26, 1747. To his wife he gave £200 per annum for her life; to each of his daughters, Ruth, Elizabeth, and Lucy, £1,000; to his sister Elizabeth Miller, £20 per annum. The residue of his estate he left to his son John, providing for the payment of the above sums out of the rents of his Jamaica estates. In a codicil dated Nov. 27 he left his brothers-in-law, Ruggles and Prescott, £100 each..."

From Charles Maclear Calder, John Vassall and his descendants (1921) pp. 16-17.

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