John Hyde of St James Hackney, merchant

???? - 1776


Husband of Katherine Hyde nee Acres, grandfather of Francis Acres Hyde (q.v.) and annuitant on estates in St Kitts and Grenada.

  1. Will of John Hyde merchant of St John Hackney proved 21/08/1776. Under the will he left a lump sum, hard to decipher but probably £20,000, to his wife Catherine [sic]. He also bequeathed two annuities written on unspecified lives, one of £400 p.a. bought from John Estridge and secured on estates in St Kitts, which he left to his wife Catherine and then to his son John, and the other for £200 p.a. purchased of the executors of Peter Fearon merchant of London and secured on Grand Roy estate in Grenada. He requested to be buried in the tomb of the Hydes in Sunridge Kent. Among his philanthropic legacies was one to the poor of Cornhill, supporting the identification of him as the John Hyde of Cornhill whose son John Hyde leased Constant Spring to Ebenezer Maitland in 1783.


  1. PROB 11/1022/263.

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Katherine Acres

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1770 [EA] - 1770 [LA] → Annuitant

LBS has tentatively identified the John Hyde purchasing an annuity of £200 p.a. on this estate as John Hyde of Hackney, who purchased other annuities on West Indian estates and whose son (also John Hyde) LBS has deduced to be the John Hyde who leased the estate to Ebenezer Maitland in 1783.

- 1776 [LA] → Annuitant

In his will of 1776, John Hyde said that he had purchased an annuity of £200 p.a. secured on Grand Roy from the executors of Peter Fearon merchant of London.

1762 [EA] - 1762 [LA] → Joint owner

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Hackney, London, London, London, England