Keith Jopp

1768 - 1823


Former merchant, slave-factor and slave-owner in Jamaica, dying in France in 1823.

  1. Baptised in Aberdeen, 09/06/1768, son of Baillie James Jopp merchant and Jean Moir his spouse in the presence of William Urquhart Esquire of Meldrum and Charles Copland merchant. James Jopp was Provost of Aberdeen in 1772. This is the only possible baptism in Scotland around this time and fits with his age of 55 given in his death certificate.

  2. The baptisms of Keith Jopp's nine children with his wife Eleanor attest to his movements over subsequent years: Keith (born January 1802 and baptised March 1802 in Marylebone, London); George Keith (baptised 1803 in St James, Piccadilly); Eleanor Stewart (born Germany c. 1804, according to the 1881 census, or Jersey according to the 1851 census); Elizabeth Jane (born Bath according to the 1851 census but baptised 1806 in Christchurch, Hampshire); Keith (baptised 1808 in Bathwick [Bath], Somerset); Anna Christina baptised 1808 in Bathwick [Bath], Somerset); Anna Christina Campbell (baptised 1811 in St Andrew, Jamaica); Janet (baptised 1813 in St Andrew, Jamaica) and William Baillie (baptised 1818 in Clifton [Bath], Gloucestershire). The children generally lived in Gloucestershire during their adult lives.

  3. Will of Keith Jopp [late of the City of Bath and of St Andrew Jamaica but at present in London] [made in 1820] [late] of Tours proved 10/12/1823. He reiterated his marriage settlement under which he had settled an annuity of £1500 currency on his wife Eleanor, and left £4000 to each of his children at 21, with an allowance to his wife of £600 p.a. until such legacies were paid to support his minor children. He left his real estate including enslaved people in trust for his eldest son.

  4. "Lately, [1823 Death] at Tours, in France, Keith Jopp, Esq. late of Bath and the Island of Jamaica."

  5. Notice is hereby given, that the Partnership lately carried on in Jamaica, between Robert Bogle, Keith Jopp, Andrew Bogle, and George Moir, under the Firm of Bogle, Jopp, and Co., hath been dissolved, and Keith Jopp hath assigned his Share of the Property and Debts of that Partnership to Robert Bogle, Andrew Bogle, and George Moir.' Robert Bogle, jun., Keith Jopp, Andrew Bogle, George Moir, by R. Shawe, his Attorney, by Power.'


Data on slave factors suppled to LBS by Nick Radburn, University of Lancaster, for whose help LBS is grateful.

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We are grateful to Hilary Cromar for her assistance with compiling this entry.

Further Information

Eleanor, Charles, Elizabeth Jane, Ann, Sarah, Jessett., William Baillie (1818-), Keith (1802-); George

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1799 [EA] - 1799 [LA] → Attorney

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Bogle & Co.
West India merchant  

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Deceased Husband → Widow

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Bath, Somerset, South-west England, England
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Children baptised in Bath 1806-1808 and 1818; formerly of Bath in his will made in 1820 and proved in 1823.

Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, North-east Scotland, Scotland