Jonathan Dickinson of Philadelphia

1663 - 1722


Quaker slave-owner of Jamaica, owner of Barton and Pepper estates, moving to Philadelphia c. 1697 and dying there in 1722.

Son of Francis Dickinson (1630-1704) and his wife Margaret, daughter of Stephen Crooke. Francis Dickinson was apparently a naval officer under Penn and Venables in 1655.

Born in Jamaica in 1663. Married Mary Gale c. 1685. He left a shipwreck narrative from his journey between Jamaica and the US.

His children were: Jonathan junior (1695-), d.s.p.; Joseph (1698-), had a daughter Mary who married Francis J. Tyssen of Jamaica; John (1701-1729), d.s.p.; Mary (?-1733), had a son Dickinson Jones who died in 1728; Hannah, who had a son who died young.


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Further Information

Mary Gale
Jonathan (1695-), Joseph (1698-), John (1701-1729), Mary, Hannah

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1741 [EA] - 1743 [LA] → Previous owner
1742 [EA] - 1742 [LA] → Previous owner

The deceased owner in 1741 and 1743 was given as Joseph Dickinson, either Jonathan's son or a transcription error.

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Uncle → Nephew
Uncle → Nephew
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