Robert Charles Dallas

1754 - 1824


Slave-owner in Jamaica, author of the History of the Maroons. His entry - as 'writer' - in the ODNB says: 'Despite ‘an ardent tendency in my heart to disapprove the slave-trade’ (History of the Maroons, 1803, 2.392), Dallas's History of the Maroons offered a qualified acceptance of the institution of slavery in a fallen world, and addressed criticisms of planters' behaviour and the government's conduct against the rebellious Jamaican maroons.' According to the entry he inherited Dallas Castle on his father's death. At some point before 1810 he must have sold it. Michael Ashcroft attributes the more overtly anti-slavery A short journey in the West Indies, published anonymously in 1790, to Robert Charles Dallas.


James Watt, ‘Dallas, Robert Charles (1754–1824)’, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford University Press, 2004 [, accessed 27 Feb 2017]; Michael Ashcroft 'Robert Charles Dallas - Author of Anonymous Book on Jamaica', Jamaica Journal No. 44 (June 1980) pp. 94-101.

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