Dr George Charles Julius

6th Jun 1775 - 6th Nov 1866


Youngest son of William Julius (1726-1780) and his wife Jane Smith Edwards (1734-1823). Inherited Mansion Estate in St Kitts in trust from his father at the age of 5. The estate had been sold to his uncle John Julius by 1813.

Born 06/06/1775 at Nicholas Town in St Kitts. Medical student at Edinburgh University 1792-1795 but did not graduate. Married Isabella Maria Gilder in Shoreditch 14/09/1795. Assistant Surgeon in India from 1797, surgeon from 1809, retired 1812. Apothecary to the Royal Household at Kew from c. 1812. "A tall stately old man, with very white hair, blue eyes and a rather shambling gait. "The Doctor" he was always called by his family. He could be severe and some people were rather afraid of him. He was 6 feet, spare and abstemious..." "When Grandpapa was a boy he was heir to considerable property, but his trustees were dishonest, and by the time he became of age it had melted away." Moved with his mother to 15 Pritchard Street, Bristol, after the death of his father in 1780.

Of Shoreditch when he married in 1795. At Old Palace Yard, Richmond, from at least 1811-1854 (including the census of 1841). At Wrecclesham, Farnham, 1858-62. At Richmond Lodge, Farnham in the census of 1861.

Children: Emily (1796-1876), Richard Henry (1798-1799), Arabella Maria (1800-1885), Amelia Cowell (1802-1831), Dr George Charles (1804-1885), Major William Mavor (1807-1876), Dr Frederick Gilder (1811-1886), Alfred Alexander (1812-1865), Anne Spencer (1814-1898), Rev. Henry Richard (1816-1891), Rev. Archibald Aeneas (1819-1895).

The will with a codicil of George Charles Julius formerly of Richmond, Surrey, but late of Maze Hill House, St Leonard's-on-Sea, Sussex, M.D. who died 06/11/1866 at Maze Hill House was proved by the oath of Emily Julius of Maze Hill House spinster, the daughter and surviving executor. Effects under £10,000.


Will of John Julius PROB 11/1550/145.

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We are grateful to Edward Liveing Fenn for his help compiling this entry.

Further Information

Isabella Maria Gilder

For a full transcription see Edward Liveing Fenn, 'The King's Candlesticks', entry for William [John] Julius, http://www.thekingscandlesticks.com/webs/pedigrees/51.html [accessed 03/03/2017].

George Charles Julius late of Richmond but now of Maze Hill House, St Leonards-on-the-Sea, Sussex, Doctor of Medicine.

My daughter Emily Julius, spinster and son Alfred Alexander Julius, solicitor, to be executors.

To my wife Isabella Maria Julius all my money that may be in the house and at my bankers at the time of my decease.

To each of my sons and daughters who may be then living £20 for mourning.

To my wife for life the use of all my household goods and furniture, plate, linen, glass, books, pictures, prints and other effects in and about my dwelling house where I shall be residing at the time of my death. Thereafter to my daughter Emily Julius.

To my faithful servant Joseph Bell if he shall be in my service at the time of my death 20 guineas and an annuity of £15 per annum for life.

All rest and residue (including my government stock and securities and my shares in the bank of Bengal) to my executors upon trust to convert into money and lay out in government or real securities at interest, or upon any debentures or securities of any canal or rainway company incorporated by Act of Parliament or Charter. The interest and proceeds to my wife for her natural life. Thereafter all my shares in the Bank of Bengal (18 shares values at 4,000 rupees each making together 72,000 rupees) in trust to divide into 72 equal parts, of which 30 parts for the benefit of my son William Mavor Julius, 30 for my daughter Emily Julius, 9 for my son Archibald Aeneas Julius.

All rest and residue to my daughter Emily Julius.

I desire to express that in the division which I have made of my property by this my will I have taken into consideration the circumstances of my several dear children some of them being well provided for but for all of whom I have an equal affection...

Signed 14/09/1863.

Codicil dated 24/06/1864. Revoke the bequest to my son Archibald Aeneas Julius, this to go instead to my daughter Ann Spencer Deverell, widow.

Proved at London 12/12/1866 by Emily Julius.

Wealth at death

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Addresses (5)

15 Pritchard Street, Bristol, Gloucestershire, South-west England, England
Maze Hill House, Upper Maze Hill, St Leonards-on-Sea, Sussex, South-east England, England
Old Palace Yard, Richmond, Surrey, South-east England, England
Richmond Lodge, Wrecclesham, Farnham, Surrey, South-east England, England