Eliza Lewis Campbell (née Woollery)

???? - 1827


Estranged and then divorced from Peter Campbell of Kilmory (q.v.) and mother of Eliza Lady Orde (q.v.).

  1. Administration of the will of Eliza Lewis Campbell otherwise Woollery formerly of Worthing but late of Brompton (made in 1826 with codicils of 1826 and 1827) was granted 28/02/1828. In the will she left an annuity of £50 p.a. to her servant and friend Kitty Brown, her 'trifling possessions' and three monetary legacies of £100 to relatives and friends, money she had with Milligan Robertson and the proceeds from a few trinkets sent out on a venture to Jamaica 'by my sister.' Her residuary heirs were her daughters Eliza Woollery Campbell and Caroline Barclay Campbell.


  1. PROB 11/1736.

Further Information

Maiden Name
Peter Campbell of Kilmory
Eliza; Caroline Barclay; Isabel

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Margaret Barclay Woollery was described as her sister in the will of Eliza Lewis Campbell but genealogical sources show her as a...
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