Richard Meyler merchant of Bristol

???? - 1787


Brother of Jeremiah Meyler (q.v.).

  1. Will of Richard Meyler merchant of Bristol proved 10/11/1787. In the will he left his wife Elizabeth the £14,000 owed to him by his brother Jeremiah, secured by a bond for £28,000, and made provision for Richard Cornock [sp?] of Savanna La Mar in Jamaica, a man not further identified. His residuary heir was his nephew Richard Meyler the younger of Christ Church Oxford.

  2. "In 1760 Jeremiah Meyler and Charles Hall acquired Cabaritta plantation, a property of of 1,050 acres, from Sarah Allin, widow of Jacob Allin of St Andrew parish. The estate was originally called Jacobsfield but the name was changed to Cabaritta (named after a local river near Savanna-la-Mar) in 1761. Richard Meyler of Bristol reluctantly provided financial assistance with this purchase. In 1762 Meyler & Hall were advanced money by Henry Bright and Richard Meyler to assist with financing the plantation."

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  1. PROB 11/1159/64

  2. Kenneth Morgan (ed), The Bright-Meyler Papers: A Bristol-West India Connection, 1732-1837. OUP/British Academy, 2007, p. 46.

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Uncle → Nephew
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Richard Meyler merchant of Bristol's residuary heir was his nephew Richard Meyler the younger, then of Christ Church Oxford....
Nephew → Uncle
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Richard Meyler, but not Jeremiah, is shown as a nephew in the will of Richard Meyler of Bristol proved 1773....

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Bristol, Gloucestershire, South-west England, England