James Smith 5th of Craigend

???? - 1836


Son of John Smith of Craigend (q.v.). His death-date is given as 1838 in most genealogical sources but as 1836 in court reports of litigation surrounding Carrick Brown, a banking partnership under the Glasgow Ship Bank. There is some uncertainty as to whether either of the 'James Smith' and 'James Smith jun.' shown as partners of Leitch & Smith in 1818 and 1824 was this man.


'Buchanan v Lennox', Mar. 9 1838, Session Cases: Cases Decided in the Court of Session, and Also in ...[from Nov. 14 1837 to Jul 11 1838 Volume 16 (1838) p. 825.

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Ship Bank
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James Smith of Craigend was a parent in Carrick Brown at the time of his death given as 22/05/1836., jus tbefroe the merger of Carrick Brown with the Glasgow...

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Country house
Craigend Castle [Built] 
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'Towards the end of last century, John Smith, the then laird, who was a West India proprietor and merchant in Glasgow, built a plain square house in lieu of the old residence of his forefathers; and...

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Craigend, Strathblane, Stirlingshire, Central Scotland, Scotland