Susanna Taaffe (née Lowe)

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Although given as 'Mrs Susanna Lowe', this is Susanna Lowe, daughter of Henry Lowe of Goadby Marwood and Elizabeth Long of Jamaica, daughter of Samuel Long (1638-1683), Speaker of the House of Assembly. Susanna Lowe inherited the Jamaica property with her sister from their brother Samuel Lowe (MP for Aldeburgh, 1718-1731, d. 1731). She later married Theobold Taaffe (q.v.). Her sister and co-heir Elizabeth married Samuel Moore: their son Henry [later Sir Henry] Moore was shown as co-owner with Susanna Lowe in 1741-1742.

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Further Information

Maiden Name
Theodore Taaffe

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1731 [SY] - 1742 [LA] → Joint owner

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