John Dickons Inglis

18th Mar 1756 - 1793


  1. Born 19/09/1755 and baptised 18/03/1756 in Kingston, Jamaica, son of Thomas Inglis, a surgeon and landowner, and Frances nee Dickons. Master's Mate on board the ship Preston 1777-1778. A lieutenant in the Royal Navy when he married Maria Reed in Alverstoke, Hampshire, 03/10/1785. Inherited Charlton estate in St Thomas-in-the-Vale from his mother in 1791 (she had inherited the same from her brother John around 1760-1765). Buried at Alverstoke, 30/10/1793.


  1., Jamaica Church of England Parish Register Transcripts, 1664-1880 [database online];, British Royal Navy, Ships' Musters [database online]; batch nos. M07357-5 and I03221-5

Further Information

Maria Reed

PROB 11/1238/218 - precis.

John Dickons Inglis of Gosport in the County of Southampton Esquire. Written 03/08/1793.

My undivided part or share of the plantation and sugar work formerly called Charlton's but now the Magotty Plantation situate in a place called the Magotty in the parish of St Thomas in the Vale in the Island of Jamaica, and also all that piece of Savannah land containing 61 acres situate near the Angels in the parish of St Catherine in Jamaica, and also all the buildings and slaves, and all my other land in Jamaica and Britain I am entitled to under the will of my late mother Frances Inglis deceased and all other residue of my personal estate to the use of my dear wife Maria Inglis for ever.

But if my wife shall died in my life time, then one moity of my real and personal estate to my cousin James Inglis of Jamaica, merchant, a nephew of John Inglis of Mark Lane, London, merchant, and a partner with Mr Shaw of Kingston, merchant, and the heirs of his body lawfully begotten, and in default of such issue this moity to the use of my worthy friend Thomas Andrews Minchin of Gosport, gentleman, upon trust for the intents hereinafter mentioned. For the benefit of Sarah Minchin and James Minchin, the present children of the said Thomas Andrews Minchin, and all other children of Thomas Andrews Minchin by Sarah Minchin his present or any after taken wife as tenants in common, to be conveyed to them at age 21 years. The profits to pay for their education and maintenance in the meantime.

The remaining moity, if my wife should die in my lifetime, in trust for the benefit of Thomas Andrews Minchin and Sarah his wife, their heirs, and in default to my cousin James Inglis.

My wife Maria Inglis and Thomas Andrews Minchin to be executors.

Codicil. All my real and personal estate bequeathed to James Inglis in the event of my dear wife dying in my lifetime to John Inglis of Mark Lane London merchant within named, and after his decease in trust to the use of all of the lawfully begotten children of James Inglis, but in default in trust for the use of the widow of the said James Inglis and in default to the use of Sarah Minchin and James Minchin and all other children of Thomas Andrews Minchin. I otherwise ratify and confirm my said will.

Proved at London 16/11/1793 by Maria Inglis and Thomas Andrews Minchin.

Sailor (Royal Navy)

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