James Mill of Camberwell in Surrey

1738 - 1806


Cousin and trustee of David Mill (q.v.). The two men died in short succession. James Mill had been a slave-trader in partnership with Gilbert Ross with seven jointly-owned slaving voyages from London between 1765 and 1775, and a further slaving voyage in his own name.

  1. James Mill, 'Laird of Old Montrose'. Born 1738, son of Captain James Mill (or Milne) of Old Montrose, Dysart and Lauriston (1708-1783) and his wife Elizabeth nee Scott. Married Margueretta Taylor 24/03/1770 in Mortlake, Surrey. Died 1806 at Crofton House, Titchfield, Southampton. James Mill was buried 10/02/1806 at Titchfield, Hampshire.

  2. Will of James Mill formerly of Camberwell Surrey but now of [Crofton House] Titchfield Hampshire [made in 1801 with codicils up to December 1804] was proved 04/12/1807. He left monetary legacies including £6000 to his wife, and made his residual heir his brother Hercules and the latter's children.


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  2. PROB 11/1471/63.

We are grateful to David Milne for his assistance with compiling this entry.

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Mill, Ross & Burgie
General overseas merchant?  

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The relationship is evidenced by the two men each separately making their brother Hercules Mill their main heir....
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Camberwell, Surrey, London, England