Richard Dennistoun d. 1848

1806 - 1848


Son of Robert Dennistoun (d.1815).

  1. Supreme Civil Court in Equity of Trinidad: Campbell (Thomas, James, Mungo, Mungo the younger) v Dennistoun (Robert, administrator of personal estates and effects of Richard Dennistoun late of the City of Edinburgh who died in the month of March 1848; Robert John, Adeliza Florence, Mary Ann Penelope, Hannah Christiana Elizabeth, Richard James William, James Robert, Archibald Campbell Dennistoun, Alexander McGregor and Mary Lyon Dennistoun his wife), Ann Caroline, Elizabeth Dennistoun and Arthur Turner and Isabella his wife. Call for creditors of Richard Dennistoun.  


  1. London Gazette, Issue 21089, 26/04/1850, p. 1223.

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Nephew → Uncle
Son → Father

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Edinburgh, Midlothian, Central Scotland, Scotland