Charles Payne of Bristol the elder

???? - 1821


Father of Charles Payne of Bristol (q.v.), and partner with him in a West India merchant house and consignee in Bristol.

  1. Will of Charles Payne of Bristol [made in 1816] proved 14/02/1822. In the will he referred to property in England and the West Indies without specifying either. He rehearsed a settlement of 1815 under which he had settled £2000 in trust for his daughter Elizabeth Foxton widow of John Foxton of Westmoreland Jamaica with his son Charles Payne as trustee and a further £3000 with different trustees (Ralph Mountague and Brooke Smith) on the same daughter. The rest of his property passed to his son Charles.


For the firm as consignee, see e.g. Report from the Committee on the Distillation of Sugar and Molasses (1808) p. 289.

  1. PROB 11/1653/247

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Charles Payne & Son
West India merchant  

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Trustee → Testator
Father → Son

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Bristol, Gloucestershire, South-west England, England