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William Thornhill was shown as the owner of Esperanza in Trinidad between 1819 and 1825.

  1. Frances Parson, grand-daughter of Edward Parson I (q.v.), married William Thornhill 'of Tobago' and died in Tobago in 1803 aged 29. It appears likely that William Thornhill of Tobago was the same man as the owner of Esperanza.

  2. The Trinidad Almanac for 1827 shows Lieutenant Colonel William Thornhill as Commanding the Cavalry of the Third Division [of the Trinidad militia], 16/12/1822 and lists William Thornhill as a licenced medical practitioner in Trinidad.


  1. Hazel Lake Sugar Planters in Little Parndon (2nd ed. 2007), p. 33, drawing presumably on Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette Somerset, England 29 Dec 1803 which showed 'DIED. In Tobago, Mrs. Thornhill, wife of Wm Thornhill, and eldest daughter John Parson[s], of Botesdale, Suffolk.'

  2. Trinidad Almanac (1827) pp. 27, 37.

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