Joseph Wilson

???? - 1814


Dublin merchant, previously of Philadelphia, with a will made in 1809 and registered or proved 1815.

  1. In his will, Joseph Wilson left £1000 Irish to his nephew James Lecky, £3000 stock in trust for Lecky's children and £3000 in stock to his niece Catherine Caldwell or Calwell; £1200 sterling in trust for the children of the late Joseph Walsh of Philadelphia grocer, together with lots of land in the city the income from which was to support them. He said his wife Elizabeth had determined not to live at his house at Lower Ormond Quay or at Thorndale, Drumcondra, and he allocated £1000 to her for the lease of a house near Dublin, as well as an annuity of £400 p.a. and the £4000 settled on their children under their marriage settlement, all secured on his estates in Armagh. He left £9000 in Bank of Ireland stock to his three children by his present marriage; and he left his son Robert his 16 shares of £125 each in the Royal Exchange Insurance Co. of Dublin. He described Henry D. Brooke as his Assistant with a 20% profit interest in the business of Jos. Wilson & Co., and left £8625 2s 6d apparently for his son Thomas's capital in the firm.


  1. Will of Joseph Wilson, Merchant & American Consul (Deceased).; PRONI T 2590/3; CMSIED 9506124. A transcription of the will - which appears to be incomplete - is at [accessed 05/11/2017], which opens: 'Copy of the Last Will & Testament with Three Codicils, of Joseph Wilson late of the City of Dublin, merchant and American Consul, deceased. Original perished. Exemplified copy of same, as recorded in Will Book 6, pages 105-120, of Register of Wills Office, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., copied by Henry Hollingsworth, 3250 W [West?]. 108th St [Street?]., Inglewood,Calif [California?]., U.S.A., from microfilms of said will books. Original grant registered in Prerogative Grants Index,1815, folio 198.'

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Married but no further details
at least 2 sons; 2 das
West India and General Merchant

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Joseph Wilson & Sons
West India and General Merchant  

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Joseph Wilson described Henry D. Brooke in his will as his Assistant with a 20% interest profit...

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Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin, Ireland
Thorndale, Drumcondra, Dublin, Ireland