Osgood Hanbury II

1765 - 1852


Son of Osgood Hanbury I (q.v. 1731-1784, a merchant in the Chesapeake trade and then in the West Indies). The Locust Hall estate in Barbados was shown as being sold to Osgood Hanbury II and Charles Hanbury in 1802, but the capacity in which they were acting is not clear: it appears the latter might have been buying in the share(s) in the estate they did not already own. Anna Hanbury, Osgood Hanbury II's sister, was the mother of Thomas Fowell Buxton, the brewer and abolitionist, and the family's slave-owning was the subject of a public correspondence between Thomas Fowell Buxton and the anti-abolition politician and polemicist Christopher Bethell Codrington (q.v.).

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1796 [EA] - 1802 [LA] → Not known

Indentures of 1796 connect the heirs of Hanbury & Gosling to the Locust Hall estate. In 1802, Locust Hall was shown [in Hughes-Queree] as sold by Susanna Gosling and others to Charles Hanbury and Osgood Hanbury II. It is not clear in what capacity the latter two were acting: the estate had earlier been jointly-owned by their father, and it might be that the two Hanburys were buying in the share they did not already own.

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