Philippina Mais (née Weise)

???? - 1836


Widow of John Mais. LBS is still untangling the family relationship but her husband might have been the John Mais who died in Bristol in 1819.

  1. Probably Elizabeth Philippina, daughter of “Elizabeth Hynes a woman of J. C. Weise” [presumably the words “colour by” have been omitted after “of”], aged 13 when baptised at Kingston on 10/06/1798. The mother must be the same as Elizabeth Hynes Weiss, a "mulatto" woman aged 35, who was baptised 03/02/1798 at the same time as her three other children by Johan Caspar Weise (q.v.)

  2. Will of Philippina Mais widow [now] of Norwood Surrey proved 07/03/1836. She left her plate to her son John Caspar Mais and her wearing apparel to her daughter Margaret. She ordered her household furniture in Liverpool to be sold and John Caspar Mais's traveling expenses to and from Liverpool to be paid from her estate. She ordered that her interest in houses in Kingston Jamaica, part of her deceased husband John Mais' estate, and he interest in the coffee estate known as Halberstadt be sold, for John Caspar Mais as trustee, he paying £300 to her daughter Ann Baines Coathupe [sp?] or £200 if her son Stephen Weise Mais had come of age before the money was paid. He residuary legatees were her two youngest children Stephen Weise and Margaret, her son Henry Mais being well provided for. She requested that John Mais of Kingston merchant pay to 'his guardian' John Caspar Mais the amount he held from the estate of her father Johann Caspar Weise.


  1., Jamaican parish registers, Kingston Baptisms 1793-1825, p. 64.

  2. PROB 11/1859/224.

We are grateful to Paul Hitchings for his help with compiling this entry.

Further Information

Maiden Name
John Mais
John Caspar; Stephen Weise

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- 1836 [EY] → Other

In her will proved in 1836 Philippina Mais (nee Weise) left her interest in Halberstadt to be sold.

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Addresses (2)

Liverpool, Lancashire, North-west England, England
Notes →

In her will Philippina Mais, then of Norwood Surrey, ordered her household furniture at Liverpool to be sold.

Norwood, Surrey, South-east England, England
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'Now of Norwood' when she made her will in 1833.