George Carr

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Attorney on Laroche's estate on Antigua in 1821, and a small-scale slave-owner in the Slave Registers between 1817/8 and 1832. To date no larger-scale ownership of people or estates has been found, although he was described as 'planter' in the will of William Carr R.N. (dated 08/04/1807), in which George Carr was described by William Carr as 'my friend and namesake'.

  1. George Carr, or 'General Carr' was given as the father and Fanny Loving as the mother of Leonora Casey Carr, buried at the Moravian School in East Tytherton Wiltshire in 1837. Leonora Casey Carr had reportedly arrived in England in 1817.


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  1. Nigel Pocock, 'From enslavement to freedom: 5 young girls from Antigua. 1. The story of Leonora Casey Carr (1808-1837)', [accessed 30/01/2018].

We are grateful to Audrey Dewjee for drawing LBS' attention to George Carr and his daughter Leonora Casey Carr.

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