Alexander Purcell Anderson

???? - 1840


MD, dying of Hampden [sic] House Brighton in 1840. Sometime before 1821, he had sold for £1921 to his brother James Anderson of New City Chambers (q.v.) part of a £4000 mortgage over Brewers Bay estate [and the enslaved people attached to it] owed by their deceased brother Andrew Anderson. He was presumably a namesake of John Purcell of Tortola.

  1. Will of Alexander Purcell Anderson doctor of Medicine of Brighton proved 28/12/1840. The beneficiaries were his nieces Caroline and Anna Anderson (each of whom q.v.).


  1. PROB 11/1937/89.

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Mary Cathcart Pycroft

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1821 [EA] - 1821 [LA] → Mortgage Holder

In his will made in 1821, James Anderson said that the had previously purchased for £1921 from his brother Alexander Purcell Anderson part of the mortgage the two held over their brother Andrew Anderson's Brewers Bay estate on Tortola.

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Hampden House, Marine Parade, Brighton, Sussex, South-east England, England