Joseph Webb Willis

1754 - 1777


Slave-owner on Antigua who predeceased his mother Mary Willis nee Freeman (q.v.).

  1. Will of Joseph Webb Willis of Antigua [and Lincolns Inn] [made in 1777] proved 27/08/1778. In the will he said he was seised in fee of Freeman's Rest and of the equity of redemption of Buckshorn [given as Buxhorn] in Antigua subject to certain incumbrances, viz. the payment of half the profits to his mother and of £5000 to his sister. He made a series of gifts of personal items to an aristocratic network in England, including Hon. Charles John Villiers. He left his inheritance from Harry Thomas Cope Freeman to his sister Mary, appointing as executors for this part of his property Bartholomew Bouverie third son of the Earl of Radnor and Thomas Plum[m]er of University College Oxford. His residuary heir was his mother.


  1. PROB 11/1045/84.

Further Information

Oxford (University College) [1772 ]
Legal Education
Lincolns Inn [1774 ]

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- 1777 [EY] → Owner

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Son → Mother
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Joseph Webb Willis left his mother Mary Willis the estates later shown in her own...
Brother → Sister