Henry Jennings of Shiplake

???? - 1739


Husband of Susanna Kent, and son-in-law of Charles Kent (q.v.).

  1. Will of Henry Jennings of Shiplake [made in 1734] proved 07/04/1739. In an unclear section of the will he referred to his marriage settlement of 1723, under which he had the power to leave an amount to his younger children not exceeding £6000, and under which accordingly he left to his youngest son Henry Constantine Jennings the interest on £5000 until 21 and then £1000, and 'the other £1000' to his daughters Frances and Susanna, together with £5000 apiece at 18 or on marriage. He left his property in the West indies and England in trust to his wife Susanna to be sold and the surplus after paying his debts to go to his son Robert. He made his wife his residuary legatee but otherwise made no provision for her (presumably the marriage settlement had included such provision). The couple were about to make a voyage from England and he said that if his wife were to die before appointing executors and guardians, then he left his West India estate to his brother-in-law John Dalby and sister-in-law Dulcibella Kent in trust with the same provisions as above. In a codicil of 1738 he recorded the death of his daughter Frances and divided her legacy among his surviving younger children Henry Constantine Jennings and Susanna Jennings.

  2. The entry filed in the Accounts Produce: "Filed for 1739 (beginning 7th Aug). Estate of Henry Jennings Kingston marrinor deceased now in the possession of Thomas Wilson Esq. the mortgagee... house rental" was presumably related to the Henry Jennings, mariner of Kingston, whose estate was probated in Jamaica in 1713 (see separate entry for him).


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  2. Accounts Produce, Jamaica Archives, IB/11/4/1 87.

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