Sibella Phoebe Neufville (née Sutherland)

???? - 1831


Widow of the Jamaican slave-owner Jacob Neufville, dying in England c. 1831. Her daughter and co-heir Sibella Margaret Neuville had married the architect George Ledwell Taylor in 1820, and Sibella Phoebe Neufville made Taylor was an executor of her will.

  1. Will of Sibella Phoebe Neuville widow of Lymington Hampshire [made in 1827] proved 17/02/1832. In the will she described herself as widow and relict of Jacob Neufville late of Lymington and also of Jamaica, and rehearsed her marriage settlement (as Sibella Phoebe Sutherland) in 1794 under which £6000 and her share of her inheritance from her father were placed in trust with the income to be paid to the survivor of the couple and the principal to be willed by her or him. Her husband had died 03/11/1817, and she left £1400 each to three of her daughters and the balance of £2371 to her daughter Eliza.


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Further Information

Maiden Name
Jacob Neufville
Anne; Sibella; Eliza; John Bryan

Relationships (2)

Widow → Deceased Husband
Daughter-in-law → Father-in-law

Addresses (1)

Lymington, Hampshire, Wessex, England