Lewis Feuilleteau

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The founder of a slave-owning dynasty on St Kitts: their estate ownership has yet to be fully traced, but in the 1828 William McMahon map an estate named Feuilleteaus of 97 acres was shown in St John Capesterre (then owned by John Hart Rawlins).

  1. In the will of Lewis Feuilleteau [made in 1766] proved 26/05/1775 he left an annuity of £500 p.a. to his wife Eleanor (raised to £600 in a codicil of 1769), and the use for life of 'such six slaves as she shall think fit to chuse' other than his 'negro man called Jemmy' and other enslaved people later bequeathed, and a house (excluding the attached shop) at Basseterre. He left £5000 to his son-in-law Richard Wilson (husband of his deceased daughter Mary) and two enslaved women, Sarah 'meaning Sarah the daughter of my negroe woman called Moll' and Phibba and all Phibba's children except a male negroe slave named Scipio, for life. He had, he said in his will, provided for his daughter Susannah Brouncker, but after she was widowed he left her a further £6000 in a codicil of 1771. He confirmed the exchange with Susannah Brouncker of an enslaved woman named Betsy Bowrey for a 'mulatto wench Sukey.' He manumitted 'black Sarah' and little Nancy the daughter of 'Sarah my cook' after the death of his wife. He left his residuary estate to his son William Feuilleteau failing whom half to Susannah Brouncker and half to Richard Wilson the elder and his children. He left each of Wilson's seven children £525, and £2100 to the four children of Henry Brouncker.


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