James Anstice of Demerara

???? - 1814


Mortgagee and possibly previously owner of enslaved people in Demerara, dying apparently in Britain c. 1814.

  1. Will of James Anstice [late] of Demerara [but now of Bristol] [made in 1813] proved 13/05/1815. In the will he left an annuity of £115 p.a. to his widow Sarah Porter Anstice provided she made no claim against the estate left to him by his father which he had sold to John Lilly and William Anstice or against his own estate. He left out of the first instalment of a mortgage he held over Cane Garden on Leguan Island and due 07/03/1817 £100 to each of his brothers and sisters (and to the children of two deceased siblings). He left Deborah Yearwood previously of Barbados but now of Demerara £60 p.a. and £1000 from the second payment of the mortgage over Cane Garden to her and her child [presumably the testator's son] Alfred. His residuary legatee was his son George Anstice.

  2. 'THE Subscriber's Domicilium, that was lately at R. NUGENT's Esq. on Leguan, is now at D. YEARWOOD's in Kingston; if there are any accounts against Plantation Cane-Garden, contracted before March, 1810, not already rendered, he requests they may be, as he intends shortly leaving the Colony. Kingston, Sept. 11 [1811] J. ANSTICE.'

  3. George Anstice born Barbados aged 69 was living at Chipping Norton Oxfordshire in the 1861 census. This man who died in 1866 leaving £50,000 was probably the son and heir of James Anstice of Demerara.


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  2. THE ESSEQUEBO & DEMERARY ROYAL GAZETTE. Vol. VI. No. 406. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 14th, 1811 [accessed via https://www.vc.id.au/edg/18110914edrg.html 23/03/2018]

  3. 1861 census online; National Probate Calendar 1866.

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Sarah Porter

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James Anstice in his will made in 1813 and proved in 1815 said that he held a mortgage over Cane Garden on Leguan Island, presumed to be this estate. The mortgage became payable in instalments in 1817. From the Essequibo and Demerary Royal Gazette of September 1811 he might have owned the estate until 1810.

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Bristol, Gloucestershire, South-west England, England