Herbert Palmer Cox

1748 - 1824


Partner, brother-in-law and cousin of Charles Alexander (q.v.). He was a merchant of London in 1771, when he was party with Charles Alexander and their partner William Colcraft to a deed creating annuities on the estate of William Byam of St Vincent, and later resident on St Vincent, but no estate has yet been identified with him. He owned 14 enslaved people in 1817 and 12 in 1822 (when the Slave Register showed he had purchased Frank a labourer aged 14 from John Dalzell).


T71/493 p. 620, and T71/493 p. 393, both under Herbert P. Cox.

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West Indian?
Married but no further details

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Alexander, Colcraft and Cox
West India merchant?  

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The two men were also 'cousins', according to the will of Charles Alexander: they were certainly...
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