Rev. Frederick Graeme Middleton

???? - 1863


Anglican clergyman, grandson of Francis Beckford (q.v.). He was party to a deed of 29/10/1835 concerning the family estates in Jamaica.

  1. Reconveyance and re-assignment of estates and property in Jamaica 29/10/1835 Between The Reverend Frederick Grame [sic] Middleton late of [Strawhurst] but now of Southborough in the County of Kent, Clerk; Nathaniel Barwell of Ashfold Lodge in the Parish of Slaugham in the County of Sussex; Thomas [sic: this must be Francis] Love Beckford the younger late of the town and county of the town of Southampton now of Mitchham in the County of Surrey; William Beckford late of Stathford near Co[d]ham in the County of Surrey, now of [Finsbury] Circus in the City of London and Francis Love Beckford the elder late of Southampton, now of Mitcham respecting several plantations in Jamaica.


  1. C DDI/2/16 [accessed 29/05/2018]. Nathaniel Barwell appears to have been the brother-in-law of Frederick Graeme Middleton.

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Frederick Graeme Middleton's mother Charlotte was the daughter of Francis Beckford...