Arthur Balfour

???? - 1817


Arthur Balfour of Portland Place was an East India Co. man but appears to have invested in mortgages and guarantees in the West Indies. He appeared among the pledgers of security for the Grenada and St Vincent loans advanced by the British government in the 1790s, standing security for £10,000 as one of several guarantors for a penal sum of £120,000 to cover the the £60,000 lent to William Lushington and James Law of the City of London 21/07/1795. He appeared separately as a secured creditor of James Law for £15,000 under a bond and covenant of 1803 and 1805 respectively in the suit of Ellice v Goodson, brought by Balfour's representative in 1836. He was also one of three transferees (the other two were Walter Robertson and Thomas Fairholme, each of whom q.v.) of a mortgage or mortgages over plantations [and enslaved people] on Tobago by John Anthony Rucker, Patrick Maxwell and Arnold Mello in 1785. His will, proved 20/12/1817, offers no information about 'slave-property': he left his house in Portland Place to his brother John Balfour (q.v., under John Crawfurd Balfour, whom LBS has inferred to have been the same man). He left £160,000 at death.


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John Crawfurd Balfour has been Inferred by LBS to have been the brother of Arthur Balfour who will was proved in 1817: he left his Portland Place house to his brother, given simply as John Balfour. ...
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Arthur Balfour was a creditor of James Law for £15,000 secured by a bond and covenant of 1803 and 1805....