Jeremiah Harman of Stoke Newington

???? - 1781


London merchant and banker, dying c. 1781. With Henry Hope (q.v.) and reportedly Henry [sic] Harman he entered into leases and mortgages over one or more estates [and presumably enslaved people] with the Hon. Patrick Maxwell of Grenada (q.v.) in Tobago in 1772 and in Grenada in 1770. The mortgage deeds for Tobago appear in the National Library of Scotland's catalogue under the sub-collection 'Legal documents relating to properties in the West Indies belonging to Alexander Ellice and his descendants' and appear to relate to three estates for the enslaved people on whom the compensation was later paid into the Chancery suit of Farquharson v Balfour: Spring Garden; Orange Hill and Burleigh Castle. The Grenada material suggest that John and Jeremiah Harman and Samuel Hoare were possibly trustees for Henry Hope rather than principals. Henry Hope had earlier been an apprentice with Harman and Hoare's bank.

  1. Will of Jeremiah Harman of Stoke Newington proved 10/02/1781. In the will he identified John Harman as his brother, Ezekiel Dickinson as his father-in-law, Barnard Dickinson as his brother-in-law and his mercantile 'house' as Gurnell, Hoare and Harmans. After monetary legacies he left his residuary estate among his [unnamed] children.


National Library of Scotland, Ch. 12638 Mortgage of plantation in Tobago between the Honorable Patrick Maxwell with John Balfour, and Henry Hope, Henry Harman and Jeremiah Harman, 10/03/1772, [accessed 30/05/2018]. It seems likely that the party was John Harman rather than Henry Harman: Ch. 12640 shows a Declaration of the same date by John and Jeremiah Harman to Henry Hope. For Grenada, an elaborate transaction secured £20,000 or 220,000 guilders lent by Henry Hope to William Macintosh on the latter's estates of Port Royal and Mendon and Union on Grenada Deed Book 1785, British Library, EAP688/1/1/1, pp. 41-69.

  1. PROB 11/1074/185.

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Elizabeth Dickinson
Jeremiah; Ezekiel

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Gurnell, Hoare and Harmans
General overseas merchant?  

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Inferred relationship. Jeremiah Harman of Stoke Newington's brother was certainly John Harman; and Jeremiah Harman governor of the Bank of England was certainly the son of John Harman. LBS has...
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Stoke Newington, London, Middlesex, London, England