Thomas Stokes Salmon

1740 - 1793


Attorney on Pepper Pen in St Elizabeth, Jamaica, 1767-1771, dying c. 1794. Probably partner with his brother William Salmon of St Elizabeth in the slave-factoring business under Thomas Salmon and William Salmon & Co. Sarah (born 13/07/1775), Edward (born 13/06/1777) and Ann (born 07/10/1779), reputed children of Thomas Stokes Salmon esq by Susanna Young, were baptised at St.Elizabeth, 01/06/1783. Susanna Young of the parish of St.Elizabeth a free mulatto woman and her children William Salmon, John Salmon, Charles Salmon, Edward Salmon, Sarah Salmon, Ann Salmon and Susannah Salmon, free quadroons, were by enactment given the same rights as white persons, 16/12/1791.

  1. Thomas Stokes, son of John and Ann Salmon, baptised 26/05/1740 in Thornbury, Gloucestershire.

  2. Thomas Stokes Salmon esq was interred in the burial ground at Gales, 16/10/1793.

  3. Will of Thomas Stokes Salmon of St Elizabeth [made in 1793] proved 13/02/1795. He left 200 guineas for a memorial to his mother at the family tomb at Thornbury Gloucestershire, and £4000 in trust with the income to be paid to his father John Salmon of Alveston. He set aside a further £10,000 in trust to purchase an estate [implicitly in England], from which the income was to go to his brother John Salmon for life and then to his [the testator's] nephew also named Thomas Stokes Salmon, with remainder to the testator's brother William, and then £5000 current to be invested in land and 'slaves' in Jamaica for the use of his brother Brice Webb Salmon for life and then Brice Webbb Salmon's sons John and George. He left to a 'mulatta woman' Susanna Young the plantation called Providence in St Elizabeth. He left his English estates at Alveston to his brother William if the latter chose to live in Britain, otherwise to his brother John and in default to his nephew Thomas Stokes Salmon.

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