James Johnson of the City of London

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Co-purchaser with James Bogle French (q.v.) of the Palmiste estate on Grenada from James Taylor (q.v.). He was shown as deceased in the context of a Chancery suit of Goodall v Johnson in 1797. James Bogle French and James Johnson were among the directors of the Hand-in-Hand insurance company between 1774 and 1786. To date James Johnson has not been further traced.


London Gazette 11510 5/11/1774 p. 4; ibid, 12802 07/11/1786 p. 532.

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1785 [EA] - → Buyer

According to the will of James Taylor proved in 1785 he had recently sold Palmiste to James Johnson and James Bogle French of London, a transaction he confirmed in his will.

1797 [EA] - 1797 [LA] → Previous owner

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