William Lumsden of St Thomas-in-the-East Jamaica

???? - 1807


Apparently an attorney in Jamaica, rather than large-scale slave-owner, leaving nevertheless annuities of almost £200 p.a. to family members.

  1. Will of William Lumsden of St Thomas [in-the-East] Jamaica proved 17/09/1807. The long and elaborate will has not been fully analysed by LBS, but does not appear to refer to any estate or enslaved people: instead under it he left a house in Kingston and money potentially owed money by Nathaniel Philips for the care of Philips' estates. It does specify annuities of £20 p.a. to his brother Robert Lumsden, his sisters Agnes the widow of Archibald Forbes and Christian the widow of David Gould, and £40 p.a. for the maintenance of his son Harry Lumsden then under the care of his said brother Robert in Aberdeen until Harry was 21, to be apprenticed at 15 'to some handicraft suited to his genius.' He left £30 p.a. for the support of his reputed grand-daughter Ann, and £60 p.a. to Harriet Lumsden, widow of his late son also named William. He freed an enslaved man named Hazard or Lazard who had been his servant. He left the remainder of his property in trust - his trustees included Ebenezer Maitland the elder and younger and Alexander Maitland, of the City of London - for the benefit of his family, including two sons Francis and Alexander.


  1. PROB 11/1467/206.

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