Robert Langley Appleyard

???? - 1843


London lawyer who appears with Richard Smith Appleyard in the Public Works Loan Board records as a counterparty to the Rev. George Sandby and John Robbins in 1811 for as yet unidentified estates in Hanover and St Elizabeth in Jamaica, probably as trustees. In other slave-related business, he also acted inter alia as witness to the will of the Antiguan slave-owner Mary Smith of Bulstrode Street in 1804; as a party to a Deed of Compromise of Martin Concanen (q.v) in 1826; as the holder [as custodian it appears] of a bond in Antigua evidencing an annuity payable on Constitution Hill to William Grant of Aberlour (q.v.); and in 1843 as a defendant in a Chancery suit by the executors of Frederick Richard Coore (q.v.) in 1843. He had also been appointed trustee of the marriage settlement of Richard Oliver Smith (q.v.) and Mary Broderip but renounced the trusteeship.

  1. Will of Robert Langley Appleyard gentleman of Lincolns Inn [and Montague Street, Russell Square] proved 05/01/1844. He expressed anxiety about the standard of living of his children, despite leaving £12,000 to his three daughters, £5000 to his eldest son Charles for whom he had been unable to find a situation or profession and £3000 to each of his two younger sons.


TNA PWLB 11/80; C78/2116, no. 5; Grenada Registers of Records, Affidavit microfilm FHL [1563379] Item 7 pp. 373-377 transcribed by Jim Smith, [accessed 14/09/2018].

  1. PROB 11/1991/2.

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Montague Street, Russell Square, London, Middlesex, London, England