Mrs Catherine Harding

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Slave-owner in Jamaica, proprietress of Weston Favell, an estate formerly in St James but afterwards in Trelawny. To date no will has been found for her. The Thomas Harding who died at Weston Favel in 1798 was presumably her son, baptised in 1761; again no will has been found for him.


Gentleman's Magazine, Vol. 69 Part I Jan. 1799 p. 69 Nov. 16 [1798] At Weston Favel in Jamaica [death of] Thomas Harding Esq.; Baptism: June 14, 1761, St. James (Source: B0054 Hanover Parish Register BMB I, 1725-1825, I, p. 25.)

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1766 [EA] - 1781 [LA] → Executrix

This is possibly the same woman as the Mrs Catherine Francklyn later shown as owner of Weston Favel.

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Widow → Deceased Husband
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Mrs Catherine Harding widow was the executrix of Thomas...