Thomas Gowland the younger

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Nephew and executor of Thomas Gowland the elder (q.v.). Although Thomas Gowland the elder identified a son named Thomas in his will, it appears that the London merchant of Great Winchester Street active in the 1800s and bankrupt in 1819 was this man, the nephew.

  1. '15. Large Deed between H. N. Jarrett of London, and of Trelawny in Jamaica, Esq., Charles Berners, Maria Berners, William Rhodes James of Trelawny, Thomas Gowland of London, relates to large estates in Jamaica; five large skins, with several Indorsements, and many signatures and seals, also the signatures H. N. Jarrett, Charles Berners, Maria Berners, and Thomas Gowland, dated 1793.' This was possibly a marriage settlement for Herbert Newton Jarrett III and his wife Maria Berners.


  1. Caribbeana Vol. I 'Deeds relating to Jamaica.'

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Also brothers-in-law. The will of Thomas Beach left legacies to several nephews and nieces named Gowland. Thomas Gowland of London had married Jennet Beach in 1783. (, Somerset,...
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